Featured Artists

Dorrie Rifkin

An Englewood, NJ, resident, Dorrie Rifkin paints from her passions. Thirty years’ experience as an award-winning art director ignited and cemented a life-long love affair with typography. 

“Once, while hearing my friend sing her twin baby boys to sleep with ‘One Hundred Bottles of Beer On the Wall’ – which is another story – a vision came to me: I would paint 100 bottles of beer and put them on a wall! I have committed several of my sketchbooks to this undertaking, and have been posting the bottles, as they emerge, on my Facebook page, where folks are eager to opine on what brewery’s offering I ought to paint next and on the quality of various brews.  When it reaches 100, I will perform a bit of Photoshop magic to line them up and put them on (but not up against) the wall."

Her paintings have won more than 20 prizes, many in international and national juried shows. She is a signature member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, the Northeast Watercolor Society, and the Baltimore Watercolor Society.

Dorrie’s work has been selected for both Splash 14: Light and Color and Splash 15: Creative Solutions (North Light Books, out summer 2014). She was profiled in Watercolor Artist magazine’s December 2010 “Ones to Watch” feature. 

Ranging in size from 20”x 30” to 7”x 7”, Dorrie’s paintings are in several private collections in the U.S. and Europe. Her NYC/NJ-themed prints adorned sets and locations on NBC’s Prime Suspect TV series (2011) and Fox’s Brooklyn Nine - Nine series (2013).

Alyson Thomas 

From the artist... "I was raised in suburban Texas and escaped to California as soon as I possibly could. As an only child, I was obsessively creative because I had no one to play with. I am authorized to add "Esq." to the end of my name, but I choose not to, despite the fanciness it would certainly lend. In 2009, I quit my job as an attorney to pursue an art career, despite my lack of formal art training. It was a kind of crazy (awesome) decision.

Basically, I just draw things that make me laugh. I make simple, vivid, and occasionally clever watercolor & ink illustrations of food, butchery, things that are the worst, and a despondent and disaffected yellow block (you can call him "Blocky," because, well, that's his name). Also, I try to figure out the meat-analogous sub-components of everything I see. Then I figure out how to turn that into art. My 2010 daily art project - MEAT SECTIONS - was a ham-fisted (ahem...) attempt to humorously combine two of my passions - food and art. I might be a genius. Probably not.

Scott Clendaniel

Scott Clendaniel has been a homebrewer almost as long as he’s been an artist.  Clendaniel is a craft beer enthusiast who lives in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife.  He is a full-time oil painter who is known in his community as the “beer painter” because he paints so many beer portraits.  In 2011 Clendaniel presented an art installation called 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, which consisted of 99 6”x12” framed oil paintings of various beer bottles.  He has had three other beer-themed art shows since then, in addition to painting numerous commissioned pieces of people’s favorite brews. 
Clendaniel paints “ala prima”, meaning wet on wet paint, on wood panel.  He primes his surfaces with red and gold paint, which glimmers through the oil paint at certain angles. 
Clendaniel’s art business is called Real Art Is Better.  In addition to paintings of beer, he also paints Alaska scenery, and images that portray the dichotomy between human-made objects and nature. 
Facebook: 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
Twitter: 99beersonwall