November 22, 2016


Brew Ho Ho Holiday Craft Beer Festival

We're excited to be making an appearance with a pop-up store at the 5th Annual Brew Ho Ho on December 10, 2016. if you're in the southern California area, this is a fun beer tasting event to attend. It's more intimate than the larger events and people are in great spirits this time of year. Plus you can stop by our booth and do all your holiday shopping for the beer geeks on your list. Did we mention there's UNLIMITED beer tastings? For more info and to get your tickets visit Hope to see you there!
December 29, 2015


Time to Ring in Another New Year!

Right now through January 3rd, 2016 we are celebrating the coming New Year by giving you 16% off our entire selection of in-stock items. Use discount code NEWYEAR16 when you check out and instantly save some cash. Happy New Years from the BEERloved Team. Cheers!

November 23, 2015


Our Thanksgiving Week of Sales Event is on now!

Our Thanksgiving Week of Sales Event is on now! Don't miss out on different sales each day of the week. The details are here -->

May 27, 2015


Sabroso Was A Blast!

We had a great time with our pop-up shop at the 2015 Sabroso Craft Beer and Taco Festival at Irvine Lake, CA! We were so busy with the booth we didn't get much time to taste all those beers :-( But we did get to hear some great music, meet a lot of cool people who came up to our booth, and scarfed down some really tasty tacos! If you missed this festival, be sure to check it out next year or check other OCBrewHaHa events here.

We were stoked to get our same spot as last year. Lots of walk-by traffic and cool and shady :-)

Miss V all set up and ready to help customers. Lucky us, we had @barleyforgebrewing and @belchingbeaver as our neighbors. Woohoo! Remember, folks always try to #drinklocal #craftbeer !

Look for us next at The Dana Point Food, Wine and Music Festival June 27, 2015.

March 13, 2015


Catch Us At Sabroso Taco & Craft Beer Festival

We just signed up to have a booth again at Sabroso #CraftBeer & Taco Festival May 2nd at Irvine Lake. It's gonna be fun! @ocBrewHaHa. More info here:
February 04, 2015


THE List

Our friends over at More Cerveza Por Favor have posted THE LIST to their blog. It is a always-growing list of San Diego County breweries and brewpubs and whether they will or won't fill blank or other breweries' growlers. This info is GOLD! Thanks for the research and posting it.

September 18, 2014


@HomeBrewFinds Reviews Our 22oz Insulated Bomber Bag

Recently @HomeBrewFinds reviewed our 22oz Insulated Bomber Bag. We know this item works as advertised, but don't believe us, read the in-depth review below or here on

Hands On: Insulated, Reusable 22 OZ “Paper” Bag – with Temp Trials

The “22OZ BOMBER INSULATED PAPER BAG” from Beerloved is an insulated, reusable and water resistant bag that has the appearance of a standard paper bag.  Here’s a look at with some temperature trials.
The bag


The inside of the bag
A look at the bag with a 12 oz long neck (120 Minute IPA) in it.
I wanted to do so some by side temperature testing to see how much insulation this really provides.  When choosing the beer, I wanted to err on the ironic side, so I chose a couple bottles of Deschutes 2014 Reserve Mirror Mirror Barley Wine.  I really like the idea of showing up to a get-together with a great beer in what appears to be a paper bag.  That’s probably because I am a generally hilarious person. :)


Here’s the setup:  The same two beers.  One in the insulated bag the other sitting out with twoChefAlarm Thermometers (Hands On) tracking the beers.  In this first shot, I have my ThermoWorks TempTest 1 showing the ambient temperature.  The ambient temperature at the start of this test is 64 deg F. The beer in the bag is at 42 deg F and the un-insulated beer is 42.6 deg F.


Top of the bag.


After about 32 minutes the insulated beer is at 44.2 deg F.  It has lost 2.2 deg or .068 degrees per minute.  The un-insulated beer is at 47.1 deg F and has lost 4.5 degrees or .141 degrees per minute.  That un-insulated beer is rising in temperature just over twice as fast.


After about 60 minutes the insulated beer is at 45.8 deg F.  It has lost 3.8 deg or .063 degrees per minute.  The un-insulated beer is at 49.8 deg F and has lost 7.2 degrees or .12 degrees per minute.
Check it out – Here
September 16, 2014


@HomeBrewFinds Review of Our Hand Forged Opener

Earlier this year @HomeBrewFinds reviewed our hand-forged steel opener. This opener makes the ultimate gift for any beer lover. It will last and be cherished for generations. But don't listen to me, read the review below or here on


Hands On: Hand Forged, Made in the US, Bottle Opener

Here’s a look at Beerloved’s Hand Forged Bottle Opener.  The opener is made in the US from forged steel and a copper rivet.  It includes a leather lanyard and draw string muslin bag for storage and transport.
Hand Forged Bottle Opener and Leather Lanyard
Close up of the Front Side.  The metal on this just looks beautiful.  From the product description: “The steel develops a very unique surface texture that comes from being heated to 2000 degrees and then hammering it to shape”
 Close up on the front side of the polished copper rivet.  
 Back of the opener.  Click for a larger view.  You can see an imprinted anvil and… “Made in USA”
 The included muslin drawstring bag
 The opener about to do it’s thing…. open a bottle
This bottle opener is… a work of art.  It works, feels and looks great.  If you’re in the market for an awesome bottle opener or a gift for a craft beer lover or homebrewer, Beerloved’s Hand Forged Bottle Opener is a great choice.
Check it out – Here
July 10, 2014

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Craft Beer Calendars Anyone?

Hello folks: time for a little market research. I'm a straight-froward kind of guy, so I'll just ask point blank. BEERloved has been approached by a company who wants us to carry their craft beer calendars. We like the calendars, but wanted to hear from our customers to get their take on them. Should we carry them? Your thoughts are most appreciated.

The first is a home brewing calendar with different recipes for each month.


The second is a "Craft Beers of California" calendar featuring beautiful label art from 12 different brews. They also make a similar calendar for Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Washington, Oregon, Michigan and Colorado which we have an option to carry.



Thank you for your time. Cheers!

May 05, 2014


Sabroso Taco and Beer Festival Was a Blast!

We attended our first beer festival as vendors this past Saturday and despite it being a lot of work, we loved it! We were nervous heading into it since we'd never sold to the public face-to-face before. Would we remember everything we need? Would we bring too much product or too little? Would our POS system work? Well everything went smooth as silk and we had a great time mingling and chatting with fellow beer geeks as well as introducing them to some of our products we sell. All in all business was brisk and the attendees were wonderful and very complimentary. In fact we were so busy we didn't get much of a chance to taste many of the beers or tacos that were being offered!

Here's Vickie giving out some beer jelly samples to folks.

Vickie and John manning our booth at Sabroso. 

We had a great booth location so we were almost always busy giving out samples and showing products.

Just a small example of what the festival attendees got to experience as far as beer tasting goes. There were over 30 breweries giving out unlimited pours for four hours!

And yes in the Cinco de Mayo tradition there was Lucho Libre wrestling!

We had a great time, got to sample a few fine beers and delicious tacos, show our products but most importantly got to hang out with some of fellow beer geeks and customers and have a great time. We'll be back next year for sure! Look for us next at the OC Brew Hee Haw at the Orange County Fairgrounds July 11-12, 2014. Cheers!